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Janet McCracken

Janet has been our organist since June 1984. A highly accomplished musician, Janet produces beautiful music from our prized Moeller organ. Most of us remain in our pews while Janet plays the postlude on Sundays, and thank her with a round of applause for the beautiful musical gift she has given us.


In 1999 Janet passed a service playing certification test administered by the American Guild of Organists.  The examination was administered in Kansas City and judged by a board of organists from New York City.  Janet demonstrated skills in registration, sight reading, accompaniment, and transposition, as well as presenting a forty-five minute recital composed of required organ literature.   Janet was the only Kansan to receive this award.    Janet studied organ under Dr. Ruth Krusemark.  


Janet retired from Atchison school district after 23 years of teaching business at the middle school and 7 years of teaching at Bert Nash school for incarcerated  boys.  


Janet has served as organist for Trinity Episcopal Church for 31 years.  

Janet McCracken


Sunday Morning 


8am Holy Eucharist Rite II



9am Adult Forum


10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II Choral 



Women's Bible Study 10-11am   


Please see announcements or calendar for any time changes.       



Weekday Eucharist


10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II 


1st Thursday.........Medicalodge


2nd Thursday.....Senior Viillage




Wednesday Evening

6pm Holy Eucharist Rite II with Laying on of Hands and the Anointing of the Sick at Trinity Church


All are Welcome!!!  


Address: 300 South 5th St, Atchison, Kansas 66002
Phone: 913-367-3171